Critical Information Summary Midband Ethernet

This summary gives you the important information you need to know about your plan. It covers things like the length of your contract, how much you need to pay each month, what’s included and what’s not.

Information about the Service

Your plan gives you access to a Midband Ethernet broadband service. Midband Ethernet is the term we use to describe a broadband service with the same speeds for uploads and downloads (known as a symmetric service).


Broadband Solutions Business Broadband Midband Ethernet is not available everywhere. Availability depends on a number of factors, including whether the necessary equipment is available at the relevant exchange, the length of cable to the nearest telephone exchange and the quality of the existing telephone service. It also depends on which upstream provider is supplying the service at that exchange.

You need a fixed telephone service in order to get Midband Ethernet. You also need a router. You can use your own router provided it is compatible with our Midband Ethernet service. We support Cisco 1841, Cisco 1941 and Cisco 2921. Alternatively, you can purchase a Cisco1941 from us for an upfront charge of $1290.00, or a Cisco 2921 for an upfront charge of $3500.00. Hardware can either be picked up from our Melbourne office or be delivered. Our standard delivery charge which covers most products is $35.00

Minimum Term

36 months.

The minimum term applicable to this service is 36 months from the date of activation. There is $0.00 setup fee on the 36 month term.

Your Monthly Data Allowance

This service comes with an unlimited upload/download data allowance each month. There are no peak/off-peak restrictions on your use, and no excess usage charges.

Important Conditions

The actual speed of your service is likely to be slightly slower than the Access Speed you choose. This is because the protocols you use to transmit data use up some of the bandwidth, resulting in a slower speed.

Information about Pricing

Your Minimum Monthly Charge

The monthly charge for your Midband Ethernet plan depends on your access speed and whether you are in a coverage zone which is covered by the particular upstream provider which we use to provide the below service and also whether you are in a metro or regional coverage area.

Before signing up to a Midband Ethernet product we will perform a pre-qualification. Once the pre-qualification has been performed we will notify you if we can provide Midband Ethernets services through our upstream provider at your location.

Access Speed Metro Regional
10Mbps $599.00 $1,499.00
20Mbps $849.00 $2,499.00
30Mbps $1,299.00 $3,499.00
40Mbps $1,399.00 $4,499.00
50Mbps $1,499.00 $5,499.00

When speaking to a sales representative ask for them to do a pre-qualification for you in order to determine that you can get coverage for Midband Ethernet at the location here you want the service to be provisioned and also ask for them to check to see if it is Metro or regional coverage.

Connection Charge

No connection charges a 36 Month plan.

We may charge you additional charges if the installation of your Midband Ethernet service is not standard (for example, because it is in a difficult location or because of obstacles in the terrain or your premises). We will provide you a quote for the work based on your particular circumstances.

The Total Minimum Plan Cost
Access Speed Metro Regional
10Mbps $21,564.00 $53,964.00
20Mbps $30,564.00 $89,964.00
30Mbps $46,764.00 $125,964.00
40Mbps $50,364.00 $161,964.00
50Mbps $53,964.00 $197,964.00
Excess data Charges

There are no excess charges applicable to the unlimited plan.

Early Termination Charges

If your Midband Ethernet Plan is cancelled before your minimum term has ended, you must pay us the monthly fee * by the remaining Monthly Charges for your plan. For example if you are on a 36 Month term and you cancel the plan with 30 Months remaining in the term then you must pay 30 * monthly charge.

Other Charges

If one of our suppliers raises its prices in the future, this may result in the cost of your service increasing. We will let you know before this happens.

Other Information


On the same day of each month you’ll be billed in advance for the minimum monthly charge, as well as for use during the month.

When you first start a plan or change your plan part way through a billing period, here’s what your first bill will include:

Minimum monthly charge: a proportion of your minimum monthly charge based on the number of days left in the billing period, plus the next month’s full minimum monthly charge in advance.

Data: You’ll receive a full month’s data allowance.

Monitor your Service Online

You can register for (CAT) Customer Access Toolkit which is the Broadband Solutions online portal in order to view your bills online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. With the Broadband Solutions online portal, you’ll be able to organise and check your billing information, view your online activity and update your contact details. To register, please email or contact 1300 683 000.

Contacting us

We are here to assist you with any inquiry so please feel free to contact Broadband Solutions If you have questions about your bill, technical support service or connection or any other matter relating to any of our services, please call us on 1300 683 000.

Complaints or disputes

If you need to make a complaint you can:

  • Call 1300 683 000 and ask to speak to someone in the complaints department.
  • Call your Account Representative if you have one.
  • Check our Contact Us page for contact information
Further investigation

If we can’t resolve your complaint to your satisfaction, you can contact the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman by phone on 1800 062 058. For full contact information go online at

This is a summary only – the full legal terms for your service are contained in your agreement with Broadband Solutions and on our Customer Terms page.