“It was clear from the outset that Broadband Solutions knew what they were talking about.”

Howard Phung,
IT Manager Australia of Fraser Hospitality

Hospitality, Connected

Frasers Hospitality offers award winning service, superior quality design, and exceptional functionality across Australia, with properties strategically located in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, and Brisbane. Each breathtaking location sets a new benchmark for both short and long-stay accommodation. Catering for the corporate and high-end leisure traveller, all properties are all located in the centre of entertainment, restaurant and shopping areas. Frasers’ guests are affluent and educated, expecting the best when it comes to hotel connectivity.

The Challenge

Understanding the value of reliable and high speed networking services, Frasers Hospitality was looking for a supplier who could provide a cost effective Internet and MPLS solution that could concurrently service both internal and guest networks.

It was important that the supplier understood the unique needs of the hospitality industry, including seasonal variances in room utilization and event connectivity.

“We were looking for someone who could provide an affordable, flexible network solution that could be adapted to our fluctuating needs,” said Howard Phung, IT Manager Australia of Frasers Hospitality.

The Solution

Broadband Solutions was chosen out of the six suppliers invited to tender for the contract due to their affordability and experience in the industry.

“It was clear from the outset that Broadband Solutions knew what they were talking about. They have a proven track record in the industry and know what hotels need. We were very impressed with their Bandwidth-on-Demand product that has clearly been designed with hospitality in mind,” said Phung.

Broadband Solutions provided each of Frasers’ properties with a high speed network connection that reduced overheads, added redundancy, and improved reliability and security.

Frasers also took advantage of Broadband Solutions’ highly regarded Bandwidth-on-Demand product. Frasers’ network administrator can now increase or decrease the network’s bandwidth at the touch of a button to cater for an influx of guests, corporate function or permanent property expansion. The unique solution means that Frasers only needs to pay for the bandwidth they need, saving money on retaining bandwidth in times of low demand.

Business Benefits

Frasers Hospitality is centrally focused on business clientele. As WiFi and Internet availability increasingly becomes a key deciding factor when it comes to picking hotels, Frasers can, if it chooses, now differentiate itself further by providing guarantees as to Internet availability thanks to the highly redundant network installed by Broadband Solutions.

Additionally, the solution has improved the back office and administration network across Frasers’ sites nationally, providing quicker and more secure data transfer.

The solution has also completed the groundwork for Frasers’ future connectivity projects. The premium grade service provided has positioned the company well to move to cloud based administration systems and provides a sturdy platform from which the hotel group can adopt IP voice services.

Overall, the solution provided by Broadband Solutions is flexible and scalable, perfect for a business expecting expansion or looking to further cut costs in the future.

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