Digital Security

With the unfortunate increase in malware, DDOS attacks, and unauthorised intrusions, networks security is now a major issue facing organisations of all sizes.

Broadband Solutions can provide a local solution using a premise based appliance, or via a cloud based application that all your data will be filtered through. You as the customer will have complete control of how you data link will be monitored and how the firewall protection will be implemented and for what threats.

Broadband Solutions’ security solutions include:
  • Port blocking and redirection to minimise such traffic as torrent or peer to peer from affecting legitimate data
  • Intrusion detection and protection ensuring the risk of malware making its way into to your network is minimised
  • Website blocking and filtering to ensure access to inappropriate websites on the organisation’s hardware is discouraged
  • Protection from DDOS attack to minimise any impact on your network
  • Reporting functions to enable you to identify areas of improvement to better protect your network.