Campus-wide Internet Solutions


Providing students and staff with access to internet services in all areas of the campus is now paramount as part of sound pedagogy.

Non-curriculum based requirements can also be offered via an all encompassing campus wide internet solution.  Imagine being able to provide maps to new students and staff across a wireless network that can be access via their approved devices.

Even take advantage of ‘push’ information via the log-in panel where important information can be provided to students and staff as they logon to the network.

We will tailor a solution to cater to your exact data requirements, security and budget – from large scale campuses, to smaller regional primary schools – our solution will give you the bandwidth and speed you need to provide fast and secure campus wide access.

Broadband Solutions provides flexible solutions for supplying your campus with the coverage and speed it needs.

  • Engaged students through the school’s secure network
  • Ability to deploy a splash page with advertising or information of importance
  • Social media plugins allowing you to enable an integrated solution whereby the student logs in using their social media credentials, creating more ‘likes’ and publicity for your school
  • Provide the school with the ability to monitor social media
  • Fast installation
  • Completely secure
We can tailor a solution specific for your requirements

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