Connect Multiple Locations for Healthcare

When you have clinics or surgeries in multiple locations across the suburb, city, state or even country, secure and cost effective networking solutions are essential. Broadband Solutions will integrate your head office with other locations anywhere in Australia or the world, with our MPLS VPN service, which offers all the benefits of traditional VPN without the high costs, security risks or the hassle of managing the network yourself.

Unlike a standard internet connection, a Broadband Solutions MPLS VPN has inbuilt security and the performance of the network is entirely consistent and controlled. This is especially important for businesses that want to converge their voice, data and video networks into a single network that can carry all traffic delivering your business significant cost savings.

Importantly, our MPLS service is flexible and scalable. We work with you to ensure your service evolves as your school grows. We can upgrade your bandwidth and add or delete service locations at any stage.

Broadband Solutions specialises in providing MPLS VPN networks to multiple location operations. We tailor solutions specific to your network requirements and budget and with our dual carrier redundancy options, we can guarantee you the most reliable network possible.

MPLS VPN service benefits

  • Quality and Reliability of Service – Broadband Solutions ensures that your bandwidth, latency, jitter and packet loss are carefully controlled. Our bandwidth management tools also allow you to dedicate a particular amount of bandwidth to mission critical applications.
  • Improved Network Redundancy – we design your MPLS network so that it can overcome individual hardware (router) faults or line disconnections. In such cases, the data is re-routed through the next optimum path with a fail-over time of 50 ms or lesser. On top of this we can add a second alternative carrier with an automatic switchover for an extra redundancy option.
  • Improved Security – Broadband Solutions takes full responsibility for the security of information that is sent over your MPLS network. We also create IP tunnels throughout the network so there is no need for any encryption by the user-end.
  • Faster traffic – With a Broadband Solutions MPLS network, there are lower number of hops between the various network points resulting in improved response times and application performance.
  • Prioritise your traffic – you can specify what type of data gets priority in your network. For example, data, voice, video etc. can be set individual performance characteristics.
  • 99.95% guaranteed uptime with built-in, alternative carrier and redundancy options.
  • Fully secure
  • 24/7 monitoring, management and support
  • Clearly defined SLAs for added peace of mind
We can tailor a solution specific for your requirements

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