Tired of complaints from guests or conference delegates about their systems freezing from a slow internet connection? Are your hotel services and admin team affected by users overloading otherparts of your network?

Excessive demand in one area of your network, will slow internet performance for all users on your network. Upgrading your bandwidth may improve this situation in the short term, but will not solve the problem.

You need to be able to manage and allocate your own bandwidth so that you can set thresholds for each particular area of your business – thereby protecting the other areas and services.

Network bandwidth management is the key to maintaining your network across all areas of your hotel, ensuring high-quality service is maintained to your conference rooms, in-room guest services and your core administration network. This is particularly demonstrated if you are relying on one major connection to the internet for your entire hotel.

Broadband Solutions will give you the tools you need to manage and control the use of your own bandwidth. From one central location, Broadband Solutions allows you to control download and upload rates for every device connected to your network, or departments as a whole, as well as many other advanced features such as website blocking, firewall configuration and much more.

Broadband Solutions are experts in providing bandwidth management tools that allow you to take back control of where and when your data is being used. Our Bandwidth Management solutions are completely scalable and will accommodate information on just where your bandwidth is being used.

Bandwidth Management benefits

  • Allows you to dedicate speed and/or bandwidth where and when it’s needed most
  • Improves user experience – giving you happier guests, conference delegates and staff
  • Saves you money – you may not need that extra connection after all – managing your bandwidth will see more efficient usage of your existing allocation
  • Ensures all business areas are allocated enough bandwidth to function smoothly and safeguards the key service connections you need to run your business
  • Protects your business with centralised security, firewall configuration, website blocking etc.
  • Tracks bandwidth use, so you can see who uses what and when
  • Gives you complete flexibility – dial the bandwidth up or down to certain business areas or services as required
  • Delivers control back to you over what can be accessed, making it especially useful for school groups and allowing you to prevent dangerous downloads
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