In-Room Entertainment Services

There is no doubt that increasing the range of in-room entertainment options will enhance your guests’ enjoyment and subsequently your repeat and referral business. However, the options you provide to guests today may not be so relevant or interesting to a guest in a few years time.

For this reason, the entertainment options you provide and your ability to deliver these services to your guest rooms, need to be dynamic, scalable and flexible for the future as taste and technology continues to change.

Broadband Solutions will help you to deliver a fantastic and flexible range of entertainment packages to your guests, all of which can all be served through the internet connection we provide to your hotel and rooms. Our entertainment solutions are designed to be adaptable, allowing you to add and update the services you offer in-room over time.

There’s no one right answer for what an in-room entertainment system should consist of or look like. Your guest-facing technology is part of what makes your property unique. Broadband Solutions will tailor a solution specific to your hotel’s requirements and we partner with all the major brands of entertainment to bring you the solution you you are looking for.

In-room entertainment benefits

  • Built on the basics and scalable for the future – bandwidth and speed are the cornerstones of our solutions and both can be upgraded as your needs change over time.
  • Flexibility – we consult with you to ensure your needs are addressed now and well into the future. We work to your plan and remain available to modify your service over time.
  • Data intensive applications will be supported thanks to our generous bandwidth allocation.
  • Protection of your core hotel and admin services – our bandwidth management tools ensure that your core services are never choked of bandwidth by high in-room bandwidth usage
  • No limit to the services you provide. We partner with all the major providers of in-room entertainment to deliver you the greatest range of entertainment packages available
  • Revenue generation options:
  • Sell time periods of internet connection
  • Sell entertainment options such as sporting event and pay-per-view movies
  • Place hotel marketing messages, special offers and 3rd party promotions on inroom phone displays, TVs etc.
  • 99.95% guaranteed uptime with built-in, alternative carrier, redundancy options
  • Fully secure
  • 24/7 monitoring, management and support
  • Clearly defined SLAs for added peace of mind
We can tailor a solution specific for your requirements

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