ACCC Business Snapshot – don’t take advantage of disadvantage

Business snapshot

Don’t take advantage of disadvantage – A compliance guide for businesses dealing with disadvantaged or vulnerable consumers
Business snapshot Compliance is not just about obeying the law, it makes good business sense

Businesses that accommodate the special needs of consumers get a good reputation in all areas of their business. Businesses that take advantage of vulnerable or disadvantaged consumers get a bad reputation, not just with the consumer involved, but with their family, friends, carers and the broader community. This guide will help you recognise when you are dealing with disadvantaged or vulnerable consumers and the factors you may need to consider in these situations, including relevant court decisions.

Businesses are encouraged to deal with all consumers. However, if it is apparent that a potential customer may not have the capacity to make a voluntary or informed decision about the implications and/or benefits of their purchasing or contractual decisions, then businesses need to act responsibly and take extra care in their dealings to ensure that no unfair advantage is taken. This guide outlines your rights and responsibilities in dealing with disadvantaged or vulnerable consumers.

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