by Broadband Solutions

  • Say hello to the future of voice.

Say goodbye to expensive hardware and high entry costs. SmartPABX™ is the industry’s leading cloud based phone system, designed from the ground up to provide you with a smart way to say hello. All you need to get started is an Internet connection.

SmartPABX™ can be integrated into your existing CRM, sales or social networks to help you improve and track customer engagement.

Voicemail, call waiting, music-on-hold, calling queues, usage reports, redirection, and single number calling are just some of the included features, all of which can be configured through the easy to use SmartPABX™ dashboard.

One number, all your phones. SmartPABX™ allows you to direct any inbound call to any number of phones. Your customers can call your single local number and reach you whether you’re at your desk in Sydney, attending a meeting New York, or on a holiday in the Maldives.

SmartPABX™ is cloud based. Moving office? Expanding? No problem, just plug your equipment in at your new location and start receiving calls, on the same number, instantly.

  • Every business is a big business.

Whether you have five or five thousand employees, SmartPABX™ helps you build a credible and professional business with personalised call waiting, after hours messaging, and optional 1300/1800 integration.

You're never alone with SmartPABX™. All Broadband Solutions products come with business grade Service Level Agreements and 24x7 Australian based support.

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