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Connecting Innovation with Education


The digital classroom is placing unprecedented demands on school network infrastructure. Is your school ready for the technology of tomorrow?

Australia has embraced digital learning, with high tech tools now a regular sight in the classroom. Broadband Solutions is here to ensure that your school can cater for exponentially increasing bandwidth requirements by providing tailored, scalable and affordable network infrastructure solutions.

Dramatically reduce network congestion.

Improve digital learning experiences.

The Future of Education

Ask any teacher who has their boots on the ground and you will hear the same thing - the networks supplying schools are so slow and congested that the implementation of technology in lessons becomes more of a hassle than it’s worth.

Broadband Solutions works closely with your school to develop a tailored solution that addresses the unique challenges facing your institution. Our Australian-based suite of essential services include voice and internet connectivity, cloud storage and software deployment, as well as expert consultation.

Old School

Digital classrooms are modern necessities that require secure, reliable and flexible internet connections.

Traditionally, internet services have been delivered to schools solely via government or governing body supplied connections. As such, schools capacity to modify these connections or select connections suitable for their region and facility type has been extremely limited. The speed, type and capacity of the connection is restricted by the arrangement between the schools controlling body and ISP. In reality the needs of individual schools vary immensely, particularly as new technologies are introduced. With needs exceeding the capabilities of supplied connections, schools are facing crippling network congestion and frustration in the classroom.

New School

Broadband Solutions puts your school back in the driver's seat by providing a cost-effective secondary internet connection. Our unique Bandwidth On Demand technology ensures you only ever pay for the bandwidth you use when you need it.

Your school will benefit from an affordable, congestion free Internet connection that is capable of handling the innovation of tomorrow.

Broadband Solutions is the choice of smart schools: secure, compliant, innovative and affordable.

Kingswood Primary Case Study

Aaron Cox, ICT Coordinator and teacher, Kingswood Primary School, speaks about the school’s experience with Broadband Solutions. Whether it’s the day-to-day needs for student education or the provision of additional bandwidth for the school’s annual ICT Conference, Broadband Solutions works with the school to ensure they have the service they need, and one they can always rely on.

About Broadband Solutions

Broadband Solutions purpose-built one of Australia’s largest and most reliable IP networks specifically for business. Our network carries the internet and telephony traffic for some of Australia’s largest companies and government departments, as well as over 80% of hotels in Australia.

Our Capabilities

We can provide your school with a wide range of technologies, from flexible internet connectivity and virtual PABX to cloud storage and network hardware.

Current Schools

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